Here are some things our clients have shared with us...

"Thank you for sending such gentle, caring nurses to us over the last days of my mother's life. Edna, Doreen and Christine were so gentle and thorough and supportive and unobtrusive. I will forever thank heaven that Christine was here last night. Be Well," - Emily

"You were always so accommodating to Mother’s needs and for that reason we are deeply appreciative." - Jim

"Gloria has been fabulous! She and my mother have developed a great relationship. I am comforted that when I walk out the door, my mother is in great hands. We sincerely hope that Gloria will still be assigned to care for my mother after this brief lapse in need." - Deb

"I had the beautiful chance of working with exceptional people. I have been rewarded with many rich experiences. Congratulations on the level of professionalism which you bring to the homecare industry." - Lolly

Best Practices

Waverly Care is the proud recipient of Pennsylvania Homecare Association’s 2012 Best Practices in Homecare and Hospice Award for HR Management.

"My family and I really appreciate all the kindness you showed to my Mother over the years. She really loved her aides and they were so caring in return." - Deedee

"Thank her for sending extraordinary women to help my mother through a difficult time. Edna, Doreen and Caroline were so kind and so generous and so gentle. Caroline in particular never once left my mother's side nor took her eyes off her. She held us as my mother passed and was a true blessing. I hope you will tell them all how grateful we are to them, and you and Eileen. " - Emily

"Add to that the caring attitude you exhibited, which made a great deal of difference, because it was clear that it was more than just a job that had to be done." - Bill

"Daddy’s last years were comfortable and suited him well. This could not have been the case without the attention and flexibility you demonstrated in arranging for his daily care. We are grateful for your patience and compassion." - Sally

"We all believe that we would not have had the opportunity to share those moments with Mother if it had not been for the exceptional quality of care she continues to receive from her Waverly Care caregivers." - Dixon

"Your support in making Mother’s last year comfortable was invaluable." - Sharon

"Waverly Care staff were responsive, sensitive and supportive, and handled responsibilities in a professional manner." - Daphne

"Thanks for always being there when we needed you. And thank you for having such wonderful personnel in you organization. Joyce has been a pleasure!" - Linda

“Because of her Waverly Care companions, Mother is able to travel towards her final destination with complete dignity supported by the hour by hour comfort of persons who genuinely care for her.” - Jonathan

"Thank you for sending two very nice people to accompany me for my eye operation." - Patricia